Biographical Info

  • Gender Male
  • Marital Status: Married

Contact Info

  • Official Email:
  • Official Phone: +2341 2715070, +2341 271 5093
  • Official Facebook Page: Visit Page
  • Official Twitter Handle: @BOINigeria
  • Official Website Visit Page
  • Official Address:
    23, Marina, Lagos Island,
    Lagos State.
  • Official Post Address:
    P.O.Box 2357, Lagos, Fax: 01 2705081

Education Qualification

Not Available

Professional History

Not Available

Professional Qualifications

Not Available

Education Rank

  • Justice I. B. Gafai
    Judge: Federal High Court, Maiduguri Division

  • Mr Chris C. Umeh
    Executive Director(Corporate Services): Bank of Industry

  • Justice Moore Aseimo Adumein
    Justice: Court Of Appeal

Main Remuneration (Annual): Not Available
Other Remuneration (Annual): Not Available